Merge lp:~mikemc/ubuntu-sso-client/fix-1037395-run-mac-tests into lp:ubuntu-sso-client

Proposed by Mike McCracken on 2012-08-16
Status: Merged
Approved by: dobey on 2012-09-21
Approved revision: 990
Merged at revision: 1003
Proposed branch: lp:~mikemc/ubuntu-sso-client/fix-1037395-run-mac-tests
Merge into: lp:ubuntu-sso-client
Diff against target: 20 lines (+2/-2)
1 file modified
run-mac-tests (+2/-2)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~mikemc/ubuntu-sso-client/fix-1037395-run-mac-tests
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
dobey (community) 2012-08-16 Approve on 2012-09-21
Review via email:

Commit message

- Change run-mac-tests script to work with fixed buildout, and use pyflakes (LP: #1037395)

Description of the change

- Change run-mac-tests script to work with fixed buildout, and use pyflakes (LP: #1037395)

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dobey (dobey) :
review: Approve
dobey (dobey) wrote :

If using pyflakes here gives a bunch of warnings/errors, we probably do not want to switch to using it yet on darwin. You should probably not add the USE_PYFLAKES yet.

dobey (dobey) :
review: Needs Fixing
Mike McCracken (mikemc) wrote :

pylint is also broken on darwin…
I was thinking that if we're going to switch to pyflakes, we might as well start getting the warnings we're planning on fixing now, instead of getting errors we don't intend to fix.

dobey (dobey) :
review: Approve

Preview Diff

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1=== modified file 'run-mac-tests'
2--- run-mac-tests 2012-07-10 16:08:05 +0000
3+++ run-mac-tests 2012-08-16 04:32:19 +0000
4@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@
5 fi
7 style_check() {
8- python $u1lint --ignore ubuntu_sso/qt/ui
9+ USE_PYFLAKES=1 u1lint --ignore ubuntu_sso/qt/ui
10 if [ -x `which pep8` ]; then
11 pep8 --exclude '.svn,CVS,.bzr,.hg,.git,*,*' --repeat . bin/*
12 else
13@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@
15 echo "*** Running QT test suite for ""$MODULE"" ***"
16 python ./ build
17-python $u1trial --reactor=qt4 --gui -i ",,,," "$MODULE"
18+u1trial --reactor=qt4 --gui -i ",,,," "$MODULE"
19 rm -rf _trial_temp
20 rm -rf build


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