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master 2017-06-14 02:13:34 UTC 2017-06-14
pkg build ci: Add make ci-deps-<distro> target to install pkgs

Author: Chad Smith
Author Date: 2017-06-07 23:26:52 UTC

pkg build ci: Add make ci-deps-<distro> target to install pkgs

This change adds a couple of makefile targets for ci environments to
install all necessary dependencies for package builds and test runs.

It adds a number of arguments to ./tools/read-dependencies to facilitate
reading pip dependencies, translating pip deps to system package names and
optionally installing needed system-package dependencies on the local
system. This relocates all package dependency and translation logic into
./tools/read-dependencies instead of duplication found in packages/brpm
and packages/bddeb.

In this branch, we also define buildrequires as including all runtime
requires when rendering cloud-init.spec.in and debian/control files
because our package build infrastructure will also be running all unit
test during the package build process so we need runtime deps at build

Additionally, this branch converts
packages/(redhat|suse)/cloud-init.spec.in from cheetah templates to jinja
to allow building python3 envs.

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