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Proposed by Mike on 2009-01-14
Status: Needs review
Proposed branch: lp:~mike82/window-picker-applet/fixes
Merge into: lp:window-picker-applet
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UNR Developers 2009-01-14 Pending
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Mike (mike82) wrote :

Fixes bugs:

#258931: Please add "urgency hints" to window-picker-applet
#293450: window-picker-applet does not provide minimize anchor for window managers

Also improves behaviour when the active window is not a maximized window.

Unmerged revisions

49. By Mike on 2009-01-13

Set the minimize hints (icon geometry) of windows so that the window manager can render the correct minimization and maximization animations.

48. By Mike <mike82@launchpad> on 2009-01-11

Flash windows that are requesting attention.

47. By Mike <mike82@launchpad> on 2009-01-11

Don't leat GtkMenu objects.

46. By Mike <mike82@launchpad> on 2009-01-11

Always display the title of the topmost maximized window.


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