Merge lp:~midori/midori/openMenuSymbolic into lp:midori

Proposed by Christian Dywan
Status: Needs review
Proposed branch: lp:~midori/midori/openMenuSymbolic
Merge into: lp:midori
Diff against target: 20 lines (+3/-1)
1 file modified
midori/midori-browser.c (+3/-1)
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Midori Devs Pending
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Use open-menu-(symbolic) for app menu

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Daniel Fore (danrabbit) wrote :

This doesn't seem to use fallbacks correctly because of using gicon. Normally it would fallback from open-menu-symbolic to open-menu (just by using gtk image from icon name), but instead it's falling back across icon themes to find open-menu-symbolic (which is not desirable, imo)

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Christian Dywan (kalikiana) wrote :

I don't know what else to do then. This is how GTK+ implements icon themes.

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7032. By Christian Dywan

Use open-menu-(symbolic) for app menu

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1=== modified file 'midori/midori-browser.c'
2--- midori/midori-browser.c 2015-07-11 16:03:43 +0000
3+++ midori/midori-browser.c 2015-08-30 18:05:44 +0000
4@@ -6129,13 +6129,15 @@
5 gtk_action_group_add_action_with_accel (browser->action_group, action, "");
6 g_object_unref (action);
8+ GIcon* icon = g_themed_icon_new_with_default_fallbacks ("open-menu-symbolic");
9 action = g_object_new (KATZE_TYPE_ARRAY_ACTION,
10 "name", "CompactMenu",
11 "label", _("_Menu"),
12- "stock-id", GTK_STOCK_PROPERTIES,
13+ "gicon", icon,
14 "tooltip", _("Menu"),
15 "array", katze_array_new (KATZE_TYPE_ITEM),
16 NULL);
17+ g_object_unref (icon);
18 g_object_connect (action,
19 "signal::populate-popup",
20 _action_compact_menu_populate_popup, browser,


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