Code review comment for lp:~michael.nelson/software-center/833982-purchased-app-not-available

Michael Nelson (michael.nelson) wrote :

> Hi Michael! This is really nice work and the additional changes that you are
> working on sound just right.
> As we discussed in IRC earlier, there's one problem that I found in the
> current branch, and that is that with this change we getting an empty list for
> For Purchase apps. THis appears to be an issue with setting the "magic
> SoftwareCenterAgentParser class.

Right - I'd not realised it was being set on the entry before instantiating the parser - thanks for the pointer.

> I made a quick attempt to fix this in the following branch:
> lp:~gary-lasker/software-center/noodles-833982-purchased-app-not-available
> You can see that I separated the two "magic channel" settings into the
> corresponding parser classes. This indeed restores the apps for purchase , but
> now I'm getting an empty list for the previous purchases, so it's not correct
> yet. Unfortunately, I had to leave for the day and and could not go further,
> but hopefully it's something simple and it won't be too hard to finish up
> tomorrow. In any case, I hope this branch is some help. I'll check in with you
> when I get back online in the morning.

Thanks - that helped. I've pushed some failing tests with r2677 then fixed the issue with r2678. Now I see both for purchase apps and my previously installed.

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