Code review comment for lp:~michael.nelson/software-center/833982-purchased-app-not-available

Gary Lasker (gary-lasker) wrote :

Hi Michael! This is really nice work and the additional changes that you are working on sound just right.

As we discussed in IRC earlier, there's one problem that I found in the current branch, and that is that with this change we getting an empty list for For Purchase apps. THis appears to be an issue with setting the "magic channel" to PURCHASED_NEEDS_REINSTALL_MAGIC_CHANNEL_NAME in the SoftwareCenterAgentParser class.

I made a quick attempt to fix this in the following branch:


You can see that I separated the two "magic channel" settings into the corresponding parser classes. This indeed restores the apps for purchase , but now I'm getting an empty list for the previous purchases, so it's not correct yet. Unfortunately, I had to leave for the day and and could not go further, but hopefully it's something simple and it won't be too hard to finish up tomorrow. In any case, I hope this branch is some help. I'll check in with you when I get back online in the morning.

Btw, I'm testing using the Oneiric apps for purchase by using:

  SOFTWARE_CENTER_DISTRO_CODENAME="oneiric" PYTHONPATH=. python ./software-center


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