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Michael Nelson (michael.nelson) wrote :

= Summary =
This branch fixes a soyuz parsing error when a debian source control
file is uploaded.

The error is described in bug 436182 (although, somewhat confusedly...
as I was discovering the issues as I went).

To re-cap, soyuz has a function for parsing tag files (such as debian
source control files - dsc, or changes files), which should adhere to

but it doesn't in a number of cases, in particular one case which
started occurring recently - fields containing values that span multiple

The original issue that is noted in bug 436182 is that, when a value for
a field spans multiple lines, our parser was leaving a trailing '\n' on
the parsed value - which caused the Source index to be created with a
*blank* line (as shown in the original snippet in the bug description).
This is completely incorrect and causes any reparsing of this file by
standard libraries (such as apt_pkg.ParseTagFile) to fail.

While creating a workaround for this a second issue was discovered: our
parser removes the required space/tab from subsequent lines of a value
that spans multiple lines. According to the policy:

"Many fields' values may span several lines; in this case each
continuation line must start with a space or a tab."

This issue can also be seen in the example snippet in the bug
description. The effect that a Source generated from this incorrectly
parsed data will be reparsed by apt_pgk.ParseTagFile which will ignore
the subsequent lines that are not preceded with space or tab.

== Proposed fix ==

I've already landed a work-around that will handle the corrupt data in
the database (of which there are 27 as of 2009-10-06) when generating
the index files (see
) and will get this cherry-picked.

This branch itself ensures that our parse_tagfiles function parses the
three different types of multi-line values available in tag files (a
new-line-delimited value, a value spanning multiple lines and a
description) with exactly the same result as apt_pkg.ParseTagFile().
Part of the reason for this is to make it easier to later remove the
function and replace it with apt_pkg.ParseTagFile() - if that's an
option (I need to talk with Colin or someone who knows the history
regarding why we've created our own parsing function).

== Pre-implementation notes ==

== Implementation details ==

== Tests ==

bin/test -vv -t Testtagfiles -t TestTagFileDebianPolicyCompat

== Demo and Q/A ==

I'll be QA'ing this on DF.

= Launchpad lint =

Checking for conflicts. and issues in doctests and templates.
Running jslint, xmllint, pyflakes, and pylint.
Using normal rules.

Wow - ok, so I guess this file hasn't been touched since our python
style guide came into effect ;).

I've fixed all the lint issues below.

Linting changed files:

== Pyflakes notices ==

    10: 'sys' imported but unused
    11: 'shutil' imported but unused
    18: 'TagFile' imported but unused
    19: 'TagFileParseError' imported but unused
    20: 'parse_tagfile' imported but unused
    188: 'parse_tagfile' imported but unused

== Pylint notices ==

    120: [C0301] Line too long (99/78)
    123: [C0301] Line too long (82/78)
    124: [C0301] Line too long (84/78)
    132: [C0301] Line too long (79/78)
    167: [C0301] Line too long (80/78)
    194: [C0301] Line too long (89/78)
    199: [C0301] Line too long (92/78)
    56: [W0105, TagStanza] String statement has no effect
    61: [C0324, TagStanza.items] Comma not followed by a space
    return [ (k,self.stanza[k]) for k in self.stanza.keys() ]

    36: [C0301] Line too long (79/78)
    10: [W0611] Unused import sys
    11: [W0611] Unused import shutil


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