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Michael Nelson (michael.nelson) wrote :

= Summary =

When we updated the archive index for the ppa page, the distribution
copy archive page was also updated - it had some performance issues
which were only just fixed, exposing an ugly ui issue.

This branch updates the page to look like:

== Proposed fix ==

Simply omit the yui-gc (2/3 - 1/3) column layout for copy archives.

This leaves the page readable. But we'll require further ui work -
possibly a separate template for copy-archive indexes - during a later

== Pre-implementation notes ==

== Implementation details ==

== Tests ==
bin/test -vv -t stories/ppa -t stories/soyuz

== Demo and Q/A ==
To demo locally, in a harness do:

ubuntu = getUtility(IDistributionSet)['ubuntu']
loc = factory.makeCopyArchiveLocation(distribution=ubuntu)

cprov = getUtility(IPersonSet).getByName('cprov')
ppa = cprov.archive
req = ppa.requestPackageCopy(loc, cprov)
import transaction;transaction.commit()

For QA, view:

= Launchpad lint =

Checking for conflicts. and issues in doctests and templates.
Running jslint, xmllint, pyflakes, and pylint.
Using normal rules.

Linting changed files:


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