Created by Michael Ellerman on 2005-12-31 and last modified on 2005-12-31

Random bug fixes etc. by me.

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1747. By Michael Ellerman on 2006-07-22

Use run_bzr() in --no-checkout tests for some reason I don't understand,
but John say's it's better than runbzr().

1746. By Michael Ellerman on 2006-07-22

Fix branch --no-checkout to respect the repository default correctly in
shared repos. Also always checkout for old trees. Tests for this.

1745. By Michael Ellerman on 2006-07-22

Merge trunk again

1744. By Michael Ellerman on 2006-07-06

Merge trunk.

1743. By Michael Ellerman on 2006-06-29

Rearrange some logic in cmd_branch.

This rearranges some logic in cmd_branch so that we check the destination
before doing any I/O on the source branch. This is nice for branching
from a remote to a local branch on slow links, if there's something wrong
with the destination you find out quickly. A test is included.

1742. By Michael Ellerman on 2006-06-28

Add --no-checkout option to branch to create workingtree-less branches.

This is useful in shared repositories when creating temporary branches,
the majority of the time spent branching is the creation of the working
tree. In some cases a working tree isn't necessary. Tests included.

1741. By Michael Ellerman on 2006-06-28

Add CVS compatible aliases for checkout and annotate, from fullermd.

1740. By Michael Ellerman on 2006-06-28

Merge trunk.

1739. By Michael Ellerman on 2006-06-19

Fix phase handling in fetch code.

Add a missing "next_phase()" in the fetch code, and call it "Fetch phase"
not "fetch phase" to match other phases such as Merge/Build etc.

1738. By Michael Ellerman on 2006-06-19

Show which plugin (if any) provides a command.

Changes 'bzr help <foo>' and 'bzr help commands', to show which plugin
provides a command. If the command is a builtin the output is unchanged.
Tests included. Based on an original patch by Robert Widhopf-Fenk.

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