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caff922... by Mike Gerdts

DataSourceSmartOS: reconfigure network on each boot

In typical cases, SmartOS does not use DHCP for network configuration. As such,
if the network configuration changes that is reflected in metadata and will be
picked up during the next boot.

LP: #1765801
Joyent: OS-6902 cloud-init should be able to reconfigure network on each boot

45ea695... by Pavel Zakharov <email address hidden>

Add config for ssh-key import and consuming user-data

This patch enables control over SSH public-key import and
discarding supplied user-data (both disabled by default).

  allow-userdata: false
    allow_public_ssh_keys: false

This feature enables closed appliances to prevent customers
from unintentionally breaking the appliance which were
not designed for user interaction.

The downstream change for this is here:

fcc92ad... by Harald Jensås

net: fix subnet_is_ipv6() for stateless|stateful

Function return false for ipv6_dhcpv6-stateless|stateful,
the eni renderer does not add '6' to 'inet' which is

The subnet_is_ipv6() function is updated to also return
true if startswith('ipv6').

LP: #1848690

a61ee02... by Xiaofeng Wang

OVF: disable custom script execution by default

For security concern, we disable the custom script
by default.If a custom script is provided, stop
customization unless the custom script is explicitly
enabled by tools config.

d3e71b5... by Matthias Baur <email address hidden>

cc_puppet: Implement csr_attributes.yaml support

This change adds two new parameters:
* csr_attributes
* csr_attributes_path

Those parameters allow to configure the content of the
csr_attributes.yaml file.

See https://puppet.com/docs/puppet/latest/config_file_csr_attributes.html

8888ca1... by Ryan Harper

cloud-init.service: on centos/fedora/redhat wait on NetworkManager.service

In Centos/RHEL 8, NetworkManager is installed as the networking service.
cloud-init.service needs to run After this service to allow the OS to
bring networking up first.

LP: #1843334

e1b4b8c... by Sam Eiderman

azure: Do not lock user on instance id change

After initial boot ovf-env.xml is copied to agent dir
(/var/lib/waagent/) with REDACTED password.
On subsequent boots DataSourceAzure loads with a configuration where the
user specified in /var/lib/waagent/ovf-env.xml is locked.
If instance id changes, cc_users_groups action will lock the user.

Fix this behavior by not locking the user if its password is REDACTED.

LP: #1849677

f1c788e... by Ryan Harper

net/netplan: use ipv6-mtu key for specifying ipv6 mtu values

netplan introduced an 'info' subcommand which emits yaml describing
implemented features that indicate new or changed fields and values
in the yaml that it accepts. Previously, cloud-init emitted the key
'mtu6' for ipv6 MTU values. This is not correct and netplan will
fail to parse these values. Netplan as of 0.98 supports both the
info subcommand and the ipv6-mtu key.

This branch modifies the netplan renderer to collect the netplan
info output into a 'features' property which is a list of available
feature flags which the renderer can use to modify its output. If
the command is not available, no feature flags are set and
cloud-init will render IPv6 MTU values just as MTU for the subnet.

5bec6b0... by Scott Moser

Fix usages of yaml, and move yaml_dump to safeyaml.dumps.

Here we replace uses of the pyyaml module directly with functions
provided by cloudinit.safeyaml. Also, change/move

LP: #1849640

3e2482e... by Chris Glass

exoscale: Increase url_max_wait to 120s.

The exoscale datasource defines a shorter timeout than the default (10)
but did not override url_max_wait, resulting in a single attempt being
made to wait for the metadata service.

In some rare cases, a race condition means the route to the metadata
service is not set within 10 seconds, and more attempts should be made.

This sets the url_max_wait for the datasource to 120.