Merge lp:~mez/maria/fixscripts into lp:maria/5.3

Proposed by Martin Meredith
Status: Needs review
Proposed branch: lp:~mez/maria/fixscripts
Merge into: lp:maria/5.3
Diff against target: 14 lines (+4/-0)
1 file modified
scripts/ (+4/-0)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~mez/maria/fixscripts
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Maria-captains Pending
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Description of the change

Small change made to the mysql_fix_privilege_tables script so that, if available, it uses Debian's debian-sys-maint user to fix things (using --defaults-file)

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Unmerged revisions

3350. By Martin Meredith

Add Check for debian defaults file to fix privileges script

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1=== modified file 'scripts/'
2--- scripts/ 2011-03-18 15:03:43 +0000
3+++ scripts/ 2011-12-14 10:29:30 +0000
4@@ -141,6 +141,10 @@
5 if test ! -z "$socket"; then
6 cmd="$cmd --socket=$socket"
7 fi
8+if test -f /etc/mysql/debian.cnf; then
9+ cmd="$cmd --defaults-file=/etc/mysql/debian.cnf"
12 cmd="$cmd --database=$database"
14 if test $sql_only = 1


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