Merge lp:~mdz/network-manager/ubuntu.0.7 into lp:~network-manager/network-manager/ubuntu.0.7

Proposed by Matt Zimmerman on 2008-09-02
Status: Merged
Merge reported by: Alexander Sack
Merged at revision: 2867
Proposed branch: lp:~mdz/network-manager/ubuntu.0.7
Merge into: lp:~network-manager/network-manager/ubuntu.0.7
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~mdz/network-manager/ubuntu.0.7
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lp:~mdz/network-manager/ubuntu.0.7 updated on 2008-09-02
2867. By Alexander Sack on 2008-09-02

(merge 2865 from ~mdz/network-manager/ubuntu.0.7)
* Add apport package hook (LP: #258552)
  - add debian/network-manager.links
  - add debian/
  - update debian/network-manager.install


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