Merge lp:~mbp/bzr/124153-test-kibble into lp:~bzr/bzr/trunk-old

Proposed by Jonathan Lange on 2008-01-22
Status: Merged
Merge reported by: Martin Pool
Merged at revision: not available
Proposed branch: lp:~mbp/bzr/124153-test-kibble
Merge into: lp:~bzr/bzr/trunk-old
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~mbp/bzr/124153-test-kibble
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lp:~mbp/bzr/124153-test-kibble updated on 2008-02-07
3183. By Martin Pool on 2008-01-29

Move assertFileEqual to TestCase base class as it's generally usable

3184. By Martin Pool on 2008-01-29

Fix up renaming of push_log_file

3185. By Martin Pool on 2008-01-29

Add test_push_log_file

3186. By Martin Pool on 2008-01-29

Describe fixes by push/pop_log_file

3187. By Martin Pool on 2008-02-06

Merge trunk

3188. By Martin Pool on 2008-02-07

Update test_push_log_file to handle there always being timestamps at the start of the trace messages

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