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93808e7... by Kuba Ober <email address hidden> on 2020-05-05

WIP [ci skip]

9c100c8... by Kuba Ober <email address hidden> on 2020-05-05

Lighten up UI definition code.

f21dbd8... by Kuba Ober <email address hidden> on 2020-05-04

Add string utilities.

baee875... by Kuba Ober <email address hidden> on 2020-05-04

WIP String Cleanups

6190a4e... by Kuba Ober on 2020-05-07

Feature/speedup 1 (#1266)

* Remove duplicate code.

* Store the TreeUndoActions themselves in the undo action list, instead of pointers.

This removes one layer of indirection, list node memory allocation per undo item, and gets rid of manual memory management for those items.

* Use vectors instead of lists in EditorCell.

* Minimize allocations in the Maxima output tokenizer.

* Replace evaluation queue list with a vector, to minimize allocations.

* Store top-level windows in a vector.

* Pointer cleanup.

* Clean up some unnecessary wxString copies.

* Refactor the CharButton definition code.

* Add a missing include.

* Remove a non-C++11 construct.

* Add a missing include

d7f4a4f... by PeterPall on 2020-05-07

The math parser's regex can be static, too.

573b2eb... by PeterPall on 2020-05-07

Updated the pre-built manuals and the translatable strings therein.

fe0b134... by PeterPall on 2020-05-07

The other prompt pre- and suffixes can be made more XML-like.

b77313a... by PeterPall on 2020-05-07

Commented out the lines that detect the output prompt prefix

wxMaxima.cpp detected the output prompt and then didn't handle it.
My guess is that we don't need to detect it any more, then.

7c0f2a6... by PeterPall on 2020-05-07

We can make even more frequently-used strings static

A mystery is: Where do we handle output prompts?