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e089d89... by PeterPall on 2019-01-12

Prepare a new release.

8aad8ba... by PeterPall on 2019-01-12

Updated the ChangeLog.

663e3af... by PeterPall on 2019-01-12

Updated the list of translatable strings.

9a1888d... by PeterPall on 2019-01-12

Make "copy as svg" regard bitmaps for wxWidgets <3.1.0, too

Seems like bitmaps that aren't embedded in svg (which works only
for wxWidgets > 3.1.0) are put into wxMaxima's working directory,
not into the directory with the .svg file.

606d461... by PeterPall on 2019-01-11

If we ship the .hhp file we can make the wxMaxima manual a chapter of the maxima one, from the user's point of view.

dcb2cd4... by PeterPall on 2019-01-11

Got rid of some bogus error messages in the debug log.

b6a1bad... by PeterPall on 2019-01-11

Better mechanisms that find the documentation.

7beadc8... by PeterPall on 2019-01-11

Another try to make homebrew work again on travis.

035fe5b... by PeterPall on 2019-01-10

And another try.

d2b433b... by PeterPall on 2019-01-10

Another try to make the mac os build on travis work again.