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68ded94... by PeterPall on 2015-04-22

Another occourrence of a jumping cursor and a cursor-outside-the-viewport event.

a259e24... by andrejv on 2015-04-21

Correctly set the HCursor on WXK_DOWN.

Fixes #455.

debe747... by andrejv on 2015-04-14

Clear the selection after evaluation.

Fixes the evaluation of input cells which have no output.

36460e1... by PeterPall on 2015-04-13

Fixed a regression: Saving an entirely empty worksheet crashed again.

9259073... by andrejv on 2015-04-13

Update version number in wxmathml.lisp.

e5932ea... by andrejv on 2015-04-12

Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/Version-15.04' into Version-15.04

881a160... by PeterPall on 2015-04-10

Fixed a drag-and-crash experience.

36ddb3b... by andrejv on 2015-04-10

Fix autocompletion.

626d093... by andrejv on 2015-04-10

Removed debugging print lines.

c659e77... by Marco Ciampa on 2015-04-10

Updated Italian translation