Last commit made on 2018-11-04
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2bba7a3... by PeterPall on 2018-11-04

Ran the testsuite.

0ce8396... by PeterPall on 2018-11-04

Tried to get rid of the fontsize parameter in Draw(): It is redundant with the one in Recalculate() and therefore can be out-of-sync with it.

6a7a77d... by PeterPall on 2018-11-03

Updated the lists of translatable strings.

0c50790... by PeterPall on 2018-11-03

Made all log messages arrive in the right place.

1c8ba8f... by PeterPall on 2018-11-03

An off-by one error during displaying functions.

7feb63d... by PeterPall on 2018-11-03

Updated the list of translatable stings.

9381bc6... by PeterPall on 2018-11-03

A simpler positioning algorithm for cells.

288d243... by PeterPall on 2018-11-03

Another try to speed up the display.

71ffde0... by PeterPall on 2018-11-03

Revert "Speed up function cells a lot."

This reverts commit a840fb94aeb2a1af80851e02f551363c7162418b:
It worked, but broke many things.

52e209c... by PeterPall on 2018-11-01

Resolve a potential crash on exit.