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19bfe75... by PeterPall on 2018-12-16

SpeedUp: Only copy changed image portions to the display.

3552978... by PeterPall on 2018-12-16

Now EditorCells are mysteriously blank.

789a9c6... by PeterPall on 2018-12-15

A big display optimization.

da75be4... by PeterPall on 2018-12-14

Now the lisp code is generated from a lisp file again.

632c6b1... by PeterPall on 2018-12-14

I still don't understand why EditorCells sometimes claim to be outside the draw area.

50b12a7... by PeterPall on 2018-12-13

Nicer rescaled toolbar images.

b394924... by PeterPall on 2018-12-13

One parameter we don't need to reserve stack space for.

f3f10a9... by PeterPall on 2018-12-13

A leaner detection if a cell needs to be drawn.

c35205d... by PeterPall on 2018-12-13

A nicer way to clean the background of editor cells when drawing them.

8ba4b66... by PeterPall on 2018-12-13

Another function parameter we can avoid.