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77696b6... by Raymond Toy <email address hidden> on 2019-01-16

Merge branch 'master' into rtoy-texindex

7689612... by Raymond Toy <email address hidden> on 2019-01-16

Clean up impl, removing debugging prints

9d79d47... by Raymond Toy <email address hidden> on 2019-01-16

Support 3 and 4 arg \entry

When there are 4 args, print out

  \secondary {subtopic}{page}

instead of

  \entry {topic}{page}

aed2b98... by Raymond Toy <email address hidden> on 2019-01-16

Import texindex version 6.5

We need to have our own version of texindex because the behavior has
changed. In texindex 5.2, \entry macros with four args (topic and
subtopic) would produce a a nice index with subtopics listed.

However, in later versions, this is no longer supported when the C
program was replaced with a gawk program.

Thus, we'll use our own copy and implement it ourselves. Maybe
someday this will be folded back into the upstream texindex.

237d142... by PeterPall on 2019-01-15

doc/info/README: Documented what the .h?? files are here for.

77d42b6... by PeterPall on 2019-01-15

Corrected doc/info/maxima.hhp

The index is now made from the one-file-per-chapter
html documentation again => tell this file that the
start chapter is there, too.

9088ca4... by PeterPall on 2019-01-15

doc/info: A better marker for the build being already completed

Building the html docu creates files named maxima_<number>.html
starting with the number 0 or 1. If we make the Makefile check
for number 1 being present it doesn't matter which number
is the first.

40455ed... by PeterPall on 2019-01-15

doc/info: Corrected the RegEx that searches for the file containing the toc

The RegEx contains now works on my computer.

74ff4c0... by PeterPall on 2019-01-15

doc/info/create_index A meaningful warning if the command-line parameter is missing.

8d007b5... by Elias Martenson on 2019-01-15

Make each documentation example be on its own line

Change some examples of the form a:1$ b:2$ so that each assignment is
own its own line.