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6a637bf... by PeterPall on 2019-03-15

Tried to introduce a way to create a raw gnuplot programm.

d5ae937... by PeterPall on 2019-03-13

Added dependencies for sys/proclaim.lisp

Incremental builds for gcl failed for 2 maxima-discuss list
members in the same week, presumably since sys/proclaim.lisp
wasn't updated by the autotools build process => Added
triggers to src/ that tell make when to rebuild the

5e0a274... by Leo Butler on 2019-02-28

correct the call to $asksign in lp-mlsp

eecc62c... by PeterPall on 2019-03-10

Windows build: Updated the wxMaxima version.

63ddffe... by PeterPall on 2019-03-10

Updated the ChangeLog.

2f07d80... by PeterPall on 2019-03-10

"make check": run the share and the core testsuite in the same session

Commit ceb6bf8b5f20 finally enables maxima to pass a


=> Changed the "make check" target to run this command instead of
running a


in one maxima session and a


in another: This way we get informed by the nightly build if we
ever break the possibility to run the share tests and the core
tests in the same session again.

9f90c30... by PeterPall on 2019-03-10

Autotools build: Correct the dependencies for "make check"

"make check" needs an up-to-date => made the tests depend
on instead of so the autotools remake
if necessary due to a change in

d6ffeef... by PeterPall on 2019-03-10

Updated the ChangeLog.

d17ddd2... by Robert Dodier <email address hidden> on 2019-03-10

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

ceb6bf8... by Robert Dodier <email address hidden> on 2019-03-10

Remove definition of resultant in sarag package. resultant is a built-in
function so this redefinition clobbers it. resultant is not called anywhere in the existing sarag code,
so removing the redefinition has no effect on the sarag test scripts.
This commit resolves a problem reported to the mailing list 2019-03-06: "the share testsuite + MAXIMA:$RESULTANT is undefined errors"