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be64ec0... by Elias Martenson on 2018-12-29

Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// into documentation-fixes

47a6afd... by Dan Gildea <dgildea> on 2018-12-28

add series expansion for expintegral_si and gamma_incomplete

remove fallback to unevaluated derivative - this was a mistake

unfortunately 3 integrals from the test suite now fail, due
to the singularity at li[2](1):
 integrate(log(cot(x) - 1), x, 0, %pi/4); /* rtest16 524 */
 integrate(log(cos(x)), x, 0, %pi/2); /* rtest16 525 */
 integrate((log((2-x)/2)+log(2))/(1-x), x, 0, 1); /* rtestint 232 */
marked as expected failures.

Fixes #3484

304a711... by Elias Martenson on 2018-12-28

Fix update_examples so that it handles the new input tag

In example code, lines beginning with the string input: indicates that
the following text should be sent as input to the preceeding command.

The fix simply involves trimming off the input: prefix from the string
before it's sent to Maxima.

631f719... by Elias Martenson on 2018-12-27

Merge branch 'master' of into info-update

0be4ee8... by PeterPall on 2018-12-25

Marked another test that sporadically fails with ecl as "known bad" in the testsuite.

59788e8... by PeterPall on 2018-12-25

The wxMaxima that comes with the windows installer is now 18.12.0

This release of wxMaxima is way faster (there were many requests
for this), contains an updated linebreak code and properly
announces to high-dpi computers that it is high-dpi aware.

6a505fe... by Elias Martenson on 2018-12-24

Fixes to documentation

972e61e... by PeterPall on 2018-12-21

Marked another test that sporadically fails with ECL as "known bad".

Tests that if failing don't indicate that something has been broken
aren't too helpful.

f452aa7... by PeterPall on 2018-12-21

testsuite.lisp: Made one comment more specific.

b2899ae... by Jaime Villate on 2018-12-20

Fixes a typo found by Elias Martenson