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7164bf5... by Elias Martenson on 2019-01-03

Use the @dots{} syntax in documentation

5a94ed2... by Elias Martenson on 2019-01-03

Fixed some markup errors

Some function function definitions were lacking the @ at the end of
the lines.

fa19e0a... by Elias Martenson on 2019-01-02

Make sure $ characters are not parsed as LaTeX

0607040... by Dan Gildea <dgildea> on 2019-01-02

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

57dc14c... by Dan Gildea <dgildea> on 2019-01-02

test cases for taylor

cases with singularity in derivative fixed by

taylor(gamma_incomplete(1/2,z), z, 0, 9);
taylor(gamma_incomplete_lower(1/2,z), z, 0, 9); /* gives singularity error */
taylor(gamma_incomplete_lower(1/3,z), z, 0, 9);
taylor(li[2](x), x, 1, 9); /* gives singularity error */

1857601... by PeterPall on 2019-01-02

Revert ""make check": Tried to make more lisp errors produce useful output"

ECL seems not to enter the debugger but on some machines on launchpad
the test bench seems to actually run for > 6 hours without proucing
any output.

My guess is that these machines are very low in RAM and therefore
start swaping at some point which can be a lengthy process. But
it's only a guess and might not be good as on my private machine
ECL only needs a handful of Megabytes for doing all tests...

...if anyone had a better idea I would be grateful.

This reverts commit 7af4b7badffb6d8357729e3368c6aab958a959f6.

7af4b7b... by PeterPall on 2019-01-01

"make check": Tried to make more lisp errors produce useful output

Currently on launchpad's nightly build "make check" on ecl often
results in no useful output as the test is killed after 6 hours
and doesn't output useful data until it is killed. Let's try to
add a few (quit) on stdin in order to recover from a lisp error
and to make the lisp quit - which makes the testsuite output text.

9fc8d1a... by PeterPall on 2018-12-31

Brought the ChangeLog up-to-date.

94d663c... by PeterPall on 2018-12-31

testsuite: The list of "known bad" tests for rtest16 was defined wrongly

For acl and ecl it was a list of 3 elements instead of 2 as the list
of known bad tests was split into 2 lists.

Resolves #3514

3bebb85... by Elias Martenson on 2018-12-29

Added missing comments

Theprevious commit accidentally omitted the @c prefix on some
comments, causing this content to be included in the documentation.