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108fe24... by PeterPall on 2019-02-24

Make maxima be built as a standalone application.

d68ca89... by Raymond Toy <email address hidden> on 2019-02-22

Fix some missing refs

Add an anchor and fixed a typo in the other.

3a1bb1c... by Wolfgang Dautermann <email address hidden> on 2019-02-22

Update COPYING (of course GPL v2.0 as before)

But the address of the FSF has changed,
LGPL is call 'Lesser General Public License' now,
some whitespace changes.

Downloaded from:

(and included - of course - the preamble:
Maxima is dedicated to the memory of William F. Schelter [...])

9c1b714... by PeterPall on 2019-02-22

Repaired the possibility to disable GCL's memory pool.

GCL by default tries to save CPU time by postponing garbage collects
until a selectable fraction of the system memory is used by the
current process - which means that a try to run two concurrent
maxima processes quickly ends in an out-of-memory.

=> maxima by default tells concurrent gcl processes to share
the information which percentage of the system memory gcl uses.

Unfortunately for the said option not only "Y" and "1" enable the
feature but also a "0" or a "N" => Martin Saturka proposed to
introduce an separate environment variable that disables the
shared memory pool in order to avoid any bug it contains.

Resolves #3529

fd69501... by Raymond Toy <email address hidden> on 2019-02-21

Split definition of logarc function and variable

The variable and function logarc were described in one place using

@defvr {Option variable} logarc
@defvrx {Function} logarc (@var{expr})
@end defvr

It is weird to have a defvrx define a function. Instead break it into
separate function and variable sections.

Leave the anchor with the option variable. But AFAICT, nothing
referencees this anchor anyway.

4457e32... by PeterPall on 2019-02-21

Windows installer: Updated the wxMaxima version.

c5fa8d3... by PeterPall on 2019-02-21

ChangeLog: Corrected the indentation.

337689e... by PeterPall on 2019-02-21

Updated the ChangeLog.

79d3dd0... by "Viktor T. Toth" <email address hidden> on 2019-02-21

Bug #3497: Error in documentation concerning the Ricci tensor

2b8983e... by "Viktor T. Toth" <email address hidden> on 2019-02-21

Bug #3497: Error in demos concerning the Ricci tensor