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3659d80... by PeterPall on 2017-10-02

Now share-subdirs.lisp should always be generated with the right contents if source_topdir is correct.

5e92dbd... by PeterPall on 2017-10-02

Documentation: Tried to make the entry for "for" more novice-friendly.

Novices normally need loads of time before they determine that if the
result of a loop should be a list "makelist" is the right command.

Most other manual entries have the form

   Head-Description-See also-Examples.

Here the description is accompanied by examples. Also this manual entry
is long enough that not everybody will reach the traditional location
 => Did add the cross-ref at the head of the entry.

Other changes:
 - Omitted the line that tells that the elements of the for loop can
   be shuffled around a bit as I agreed with the commentary that this
   line isn't necessary
 - Moved the general form of loops to a block at the beginning of the
   entry (which should make things earlier for the hasty that feel to
   just need one example)
 - Added a link to the chapter "performance considerations for lists"
   (it is easy to create O(n^2) complete constructs using for, after
 - Reformulated the first paragraphs a bit.

Hope it was OK not to split this into 8 separate commits (one for each
change) as I originally planned: This approach felt like flooding the
repo with commits this time and - after all only one manual entry was

f364084... by Robert Dodier <email address hidden> on 2017-10-02

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

6b0f2a3... by Robert Dodier <email address hidden> on 2017-10-01

In GET-DIRS, omit trailing "/" from path for GCL.
Follow-on work for previous commit 271a4b9;
these commits are intended to make the --list-avail option work for GCL.

e3f7ccf... by PeterPall on 2017-10-01

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

efd695e... by PeterPall on 2017-10-01

More files for .gitignore.

3064bfa... by PeterPall on 2017-10-01

Manual draw testbench: Omitted a spurious ".eps" that is added by draw, anyway.

c87767d... by Wolfgang Dautermann <email address hidden> on 2017-10-01

Windows installer: remove Imagemagick from the infopage about the included software.

66da47a... by PeterPall on 2017-10-01

This should stop the testbench from failing in ECL.

For some reason ECL wants maxima-objdir to exist or it fails at
more or less random places. I assume this to be a bug in ECL. But
creating the directory at startup seems to resolve the problem so
we probably should do this for now.

271a4b9... by Robert Dodier <email address hidden> on 2017-10-01

Revise GET-DIRS as suggested by Camm Maguire 2017-09-18:
"Suggested patch to get-dirs in init-cl.lisp"