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c429a9e... by PeterPall on 2017-11-03

Add more things maxima can use as "Suggested".

ede6d39... by PeterPall on 2017-11-02

Ecl and Gcl require gcc in order to compile packages.

93fe9fa... by PeterPall on 2017-11-01

Enabled the gcl-build, too.

3ba9edf... by PeterPall on 2017-10-31

Work around a bug in ubuntu that causes ECL to use ldflags ld doesn't understand.

2b3ebfe... by PeterPall on 2017-10-31

Seems like we didn't actually build some packages.

1cd4f79... by PeterPall on 2017-10-31

Corrected the dependencies.

8db24aa... by PeterPall on 2017-10-31

Added a maxima-ecl package and corrected the package descriptions.

01c9b49... by PeterPall on 2017-10-31

Create stand-alone clisp images.

6383977... by PeterPall on 2017-10-28

Make maxima-common automatically uninstall any maxima-doc package.

6190dad... by PeterPall on 2017-10-28

Merge maxima-doc with maxima-common.

No need to require the user to install a hundred packages.