Created by PeterPall on 2017-06-15 and last modified on 2019-05-18


A recipe for a nightly build for maxima.

The nightly build works as follows:
 - Every few hours launchpad mirrors the git repository from to
 - If this repository has changed the recipe stored here causes the Head of the master branch of the repository and the packaging information from its DebianPackaging branch passed to a build server which creates a virtual machine. This step fails with a "failed to upload" if the repository has changed, but the master branch hasn't.
 - Afterwards a build is started whose results are logged here and uploaded to

Recipe information

Build schedule: (?)
Built daily
The maxima developers
Base source:
Debian version:
Daily build archive:
Maxima Nightlies
Distribution series:

Recipe contents

# git-build-recipe format 0.4 deb-version {debupstream}-28~{revtime}
lp:~peterpall/maxima/+git/maxima.code master
merge packaging lp:~peterpall/maxima/+git/maxima.code DebianPackaging