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29. By Matthieu Baerts on 2012-06-26

debian/apport/cairo-dock.py: ported to python3 (LP: #1013171)
Thanks to Edward Donovan for the patch

28. By Andrew Starr-Bochicchio on 2012-06-23

releasing version 3.0.2-0ubuntu1

27. By Matthieu Baerts on 2012-06-21

* New upstream bug-fix release. (LP: #1014801)
* Upstream ChangeLog (3.0.0 -> 3.0.1):
 - Dialogs: fixed a bug where the dock could auto-hide when a modal dialog
    was raised
 - Dialog: fixed a crash with gcc-4.7: the local variable can be corrupted
    due to optimisations
 - Fixed a bug where the dock didn't accept clicks when the mouse touches
    the screen edge (with auto-hide)
 - Added a compilation option to not force the display of icons in menus
    (design request but disable by default)
 - Fixed a bug where the hidden dock background color was not updated
 - Class-Manager: fixed a bug with Windows applications whose name is in
    upper case (.EXE)
 - GUI: use cairo_dock_get_xwindow_class to link a programm with a launcher
 - French translations: fixed 2 small errors
* Upstream ChangeLog (3.0.1 -> 3.0.2):
 - Main GUI: Fixed a crash when hovering group buttons too quickly
 - Main GUI: The dialog and preview didn't appear when hovering the button
 - Accelerators: On recent distro, 'Control' key is now called 'Primary'
 - Icon Mgr: Added a mutex because of occasional crashes with
 - Icon Mgr: Don't call a 'change-icon' callback when clicking or scrolling
    on an icon, and trigger an unneeded animation on the icon
 - Dock Mgr: Avoid emitting an 'enter' event when not needed
 - Class Mgr: Fixed 2 typos (special case for kdesu and not kdes)
 - Class Mgr: Remove launching options (%U) in quick-list Exec command
    (LP: #1002691)
 - Dialogues: Prevent closing the dialog unexpectedly when clicking on it,
    if the click is actually inside the interactive widget
 - Background: When set to 'always visible', applets' background couldn't
    be turned off
 - Added a workaround for the Unity-panel which has a wrong window type
 - po: Updated translations
* debian/patches:
 - Removed all patches (now in upstream)
* debian/cairo-dock-data:
 - Removed a lintian warning by added symlinks (binary-without-manpage)

26. By Matthieu Baerts on 2012-04-25

* debian/patches/01-bzr_dock-s_menu.patch: don't hide the dock if it's raised
  and don't try to check if the mouse has left the dock if the menu is raised
  (LP: #988102)
 - It's an uptream patch (lp:cairo-dock-core/3.0 - rev 1070)
* debian/patches/02-bzr_fixed_compilation_error.patch:
 - Fixed a compilation error with GLib >= 2.33

25. By Daniel Holbach on 2012-04-17

* New upstream release. (LP: #983288)
* Upstream ChangeLog:
 - Updated translations
 - Themes: Renamed the default theme and move it to the new 'themes' directory
 - Included here our default-panel theme from our server in order to use this
    theme without an Internet connexion
    (this theme is highly recommended for the Cairo-Dock' session)
 - Moved 'battery' to cairo-dock-plug-ins
 - Theme manager: fixed the preview made when the current theme is saved
 - Fixed a bug with icons that are always visible
    (their alpha was not reseted correctly)
 - Fixed a bug that prevented the dock from hiding when leaving
    and re-entering quickly
 - Containers: set opacity to 0 on creation, so that we don't get grey
    rectangles on loading (before we receive the first X Expose event)
    + increase the size of default windows to avoid invisible icons LP: #960282
 - When destroying a flying container, don't forget to detach the icon
 - Removed prints
 - Pango: only used the logical rectangle in order to avoid any deplacements
 - Draw: Icons always visible: limit the background margin to 1px, avoid
    icons to stick togather
 - Menu: disabled the Quit menu entry for all Cairo-Dock sessions
    (not only 'cairo-dock')
 - cairo-dock-session: only modify Compiz settings if '--replace' paramater
    is given
 - don't launch 'cairo-dock' if Cairo-Dock is already use only by current user
 - Session: Used shorter names
    (was too long for DM and we were not able to read the full name)
 - Used IsRunnableHelper to check if compiz can be launched or we have to
    use metacity (on Ubuntu)
 - The latest version of unity-2d-panel is now supported
    (it's no longer needed to modify config file with root rights or to kill
    a processus to have unity-2d-panel and Cairo-Dock)
 - cairo-dock.conf: fixed a typo (a wrong icon name)
 - initial-setup: no longer modify gconf keys of gnome settings (LP: #981092)
 - cairo-dock.c: initialised gettext before getopt in order to translate
    the output of 'cairo-dock -h'
 - Used the new name of the default theme
 - fixed the retrieval of the desktop background (was broken since the switch
    to GTK3)
 - Use the right web address of the themes' directory on our server.
 - Help.conf: removed lines which only contain 'TODO' and bump Help's version
 - fixed the drawing of multi-lines dialogs (sometime the text was invisible)
 - X manager: when receiving a NetDesktopGeometry signal from X
    notify everybody every time, and also update the number of viewports
 - Welcome message: replaced 'Cairo-Dock2' by 'Cairo-Dock'
* This 3.0 series (and previous series) also fixes these bugs:
 - "glx-dock does not work with kde 4.8.1" (LP: #961048)
 - "the dock position is wrong when multiple monitor's resolution is different"
    (LP: #905912)
 - "GLX-Dock Hardware acc. UNDO!" (LP: #875975)
 - "Can't disable zoom" (LP: #702800)
 - "all button tips visible if icons 'maximum zoom' set to 1.0" (LP: #618336)
 - "create new sud-dock icon that looking like flat." (LP: #614686)
 - "Add custom launchers or sub-docks, can't modify name." (LP: #612617)
 - "no option in config file to set GL/Cairo mode" (LP: #612355)
 - "if I click on an icon a piece of plane disappears" (LP: #640398)
 - "icon labels go off-screen" (LP: #611733)
 - "Quick-Hide hides the dock forever" (LP: #580596)
 - "Hide when a window is maximized doesn't work if the taskbar is turned off"
    (LP: #580284)
 - "Incorrect Explanation in Help" (LP: #576069)
 - "xinerama:doc in one screen, subdocs in another" (LP: #540979)
 - "Click at the position where icon label was, the icon and dock still
     receive the event" (LP: #537115)
 - "ugly notifications with dialog boxes" (LP: #535083)
 - "Icons are being stacked" (LP: #526466)
 - "Separator not removed when closing grouped windows" (LP: #521369)
 - "dock appears under all windows after a full screen app is run" (LP: #518453)
 - "Icons aren't updated properly on configuring" (LP: #513212)
 - "xsession-errors log" (LP: #500677)
 - "Can't play videos in kaffeine, dragon player, gwenview and smplayer using
    the 'xv' driver after running cairo-dock" (LP: #475375)
 - "A little detail with the magnifier (hard to explain)" (LP: #420417)
* debian/control:
 - Bump Standards-Version
 - cairo-dock-core: added 'compiz-plugins' as recommended (Compiz's DBus plugin
    can be used to have a better integration with the WM)

24. By Jamie Strandboge on 2012-03-26

update distribution name to precise

23. By Matthieu Baerts on 2012-03-26

* New upstream release. (LP: #961578)
* Upstream ChangeLog: (main changes)
 - Updated translations
 - Fixed the default theme (wrong sensitivity)
 - Fixed a small regression with the module loader
 - Added a modifier to display a widget in cairo or opengl only
    (an option for poor drivers)
 - Fixed a regression that made incorrect dock size in Parabolic view
    and the rendering of docks
 - Fixed a small bug in the advanced config window and fixed a memory leak
 - Avoid some 'unforseen consequences' when the icon theme changes
 - Copyright: Fixed a few typo with the licences
 - Advanced mode of the config panel: a few tweaks to get a better look
 - Fixed a bug where class container-icons were invisible
 - Added a workaround to fix a bug in Compiz (or X?) where down-sizing
    the screen resolution does not trigger the _NET_DESKTOP_GEOMETRY atom
 - Fixed a possible (although probably very rare) crash case with sub-docks
 - When entering a dock, update correctly the pointed icon to avoid
    animation on the previously pointed icon
 - Take into account the window border to compute the right window
    position and size
 - quick-info: reduce the background size to minimize their surface
 - GTK3: gdk_window_get_pointer and gdk_display_get_pointer functions
    are deprecated
 - GTK3: since the release of GTK 3.3.18, we have to add GDK_SCROLL_MASK
    to be notified with scroll events.
 - data-renderer: ensure the container's window has reached its correct
    size before drawing
 - resize the containers to 1x1 initially, to avoid seeing them before
    a correct size has been set
 - Icons from GTK themes: specify the right icons size in order to not load
    too detailed images for tiny icons sizes
 - Reduced the icon size in the advanced GUI window (32 -> 28)
 - Added cairo_dock_add_path_to_icon_theme and
    cairo_dock_remove_path_from_icon_theme to avoid useless icon loading
 - Handle the case where the icon tries to draw itself before the GL
    context is ready
 - Fixed the server adress in the simple GUI
 - A few code cleaning
 - Fixed a few details and tiny bugs (-> BZR logs)

22. By Matthieu Baerts on 2012-02-16

* New upstream release. (LP: #932041)
* Upstream (short) ChangeLog:
 - The taskbar has been greatly enhanced.
 - The control of the dock from the keyboard is now very powerful:
  - many shortkeys have been added in different applets
  - you can activate a launcher by pressing a shortkey + its number
  - all shortkeys can now be managed in a single place
     in the configuration window.
 - A new Twitter applet lets you tweet in one click.
 - A new applet to inhibit the screensaver in one click.
 - Cairo-Dock now uses GTK3, for a better integration in a Gnome desktop
 - It's possible to donate to support the project!
 - (...)
* debian/patches:
 - Removed all previous patches (now in upstream)
* debian/rules and debian/control:
 - Added multiarch support
* debian/control:
 - libgtk-3-dev is now needed instead of libgtk2.0-dev
 - libgtkglext1-dev is no longer needed
    (replaced by libgl, libglu and libpango)
 - cairo-dock: increase the version of plug-ins packages
    and added: cairo-dock-plug-ins-dbus-interface-python
 - cairo-dock-dev has been replaced by libgldi-dev
    and dependences have been updated
 - Added a new package (libgldi3) in order to support multiarch
    and to fix this lintian error: package-name-doesnt-match-sonames
* debian/cairo-dock-core.install and debian/libgldi3.install:
 - libgldi3 package has been added
 - It contains the library used by cairo-dock
 - MultiArch is supported
* debian/cairo-dock-dev.install and debian/libgldi-dev.install:
 - cairo-dock-dev has been replaced by libgldi-dev
* Updated debian/watch

21. By Iain Lane on 2011-10-11

[ Matthieu Baerts (matttbe) ]
* New upstream bug fix release. (LP: #859982)
* Upstream (short) ChangeLog (2.4.0~0beta2 -> 2.4.0~1):
 - Improved support of the new Gnome 3 session
    (to avoid conflicts with the new Gnome-Panel).
 - Code cleaned and re-organised a few functions
    (e.g. with cairo-dock-overlay, cairo-dock.c, etc.)
 - Updating translations
 - Improved the support of XFCE and LXDE environments
 - Removed invalid launcher desktop files
 - Used a default icon if the path set by the user is wrong
 - Fixed the possibility to sticky a desklet (bug due to a Xorg update)
 - GUI: fixed the list-entry widget
 - Fixed support of the Widget Layer in Compiz >= 0.9
 - Compiz type filter: replaced type=utility by type=Utility
 - Fixed a small refresh bug in cairo mode
    (with icons that are always visible)
 - Improved the placement of icons when avoiding the mouse
    (when something is being dropped onto the dock)
 - Updated the default theme in order to use new applications
 - Gauge implementation: Rewritten to use CairoDockImageBuffer
    and fixed the problem with png images
 - Graphs: Improved the drawing and added more precisions
 - Improved the 'lock' option description
 - GUI simple: fixed a bad update of the parameters
    when switching back to the previous value
 - Fixed the path of the preview for the default view
 - Help: Fixed the problem with tips
 - Default-theme: .conf files: fixed lintian warnings
 - Fixed a few warnings at the compilation
 - Removed a few useless output messages
 - Fixed these LP bugs:
  + Cairo-dock corrupts Kdenlive monitor display LP: #729970
  + Can't play videos in kaffeine LP: #475375
 - And fixed a lot of tiny bugs, please have a look to bzr logs.
* Upstream (short) ChangeLog (2.4.0~1 -> 2.4.0~2):
 - Fixed a bug with the detection of compiz plugins
 - doc: used the right version
 - Fixed a possible crash with an empty dock LP: #861725
 - FlyingContainer: draw the icon correctly
* debian/patches:
 - Removed 01-musicPlayer_with_banshee: now in upstream
* debian/copyright:
 - Updated and fixed lintian warnings: old-fsf-address-in-copyright-file
* debian/rules and debian/cairo-dock-data.install:
 - Added support of the new Gnome 3 session.
* debian/control:
 - Fixed lintian warning: description-synopsis-starts-with-article
 - Fixed lintian error: version-substvar-for-external-package
* debian/cairo-dock-data.lintian-overrides:
 - Removed old warnings (fixed)
 - Added binary-without-manpage (custom scripts used)
* debian/cairo-dock-core.install and debian/cairo-dock-dev.install:
 - Fixed a lintian warning: non-dev-pkg-with-shlib-symlink
* debian/patches/01-improved-cairo-dock-session.patch:
 - Improved the launch of our Cairo-Dock session (by removing Unity
    Compiz plugin and by launching the dock with a short delay)
 - Fixed lintian error: shell-script-fails-syntax-check
    (it seems I made wrong manipulation with vim...)
* debian/patches/02-manpage-not-compressed-with-max-compression.patch:
 - Fixed this lintian error: manpage-not-compressed-with-max-compression

20. By Kees Cook on 2011-08-11

releasing version 2.4.0~0beta2-0ubuntu1

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