Merge lp:~mattia.barbon/txnamedpipes/initial-import into lp:txnamedpipes

Proposed by Mattia Barbon on 2011-05-13
Status: Merged
Merged at revision: 1
Proposed branch: lp:~mattia.barbon/txnamedpipes/initial-import
Merge into: lp:txnamedpipes
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~mattia.barbon/txnamedpipes/initial-import
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Manuel de la Peña (community) 2011-05-13 Approve on 2011-05-13
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Description of the change

Initial implementation. The tests can be run using trial txnamedpipes.test.

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Manuel de la Peña (mandel) wrote :

All tests run and code is clean. Will approve and merge to trunk since it is the initial code.

Manuel de la Peña (mandel) wrote :

Ups, forgot the approve

review: Approve
2. By Mattia Barbon on 2011-05-13

Force all writes to complete asynchronously even on Twisted 10.

The Twisted 10 IOCP reactor has some logic to handle I/O operations that
complete synchronously (rc = 1) and only handles asynchronously the ones
that fail with ERROR_IO_PENDING. Twisted 11 aways waits for the async
completion notification. In theory, the number of bytes written could
be obtained using GetOverlappedResult(), but it's probably not worth the
trouble of a different code path.

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