Created by Matthieu Moy on 2005-12-31 and last modified on 2005-12-31
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Several fixes and improvements, among which

* Allow URL rewritting
* Update the documentation
* Bugfixes.

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Matthieu Moy
bzr email commit hook
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Recent revisions

18. By Matthieu Moy on 2006-07-08

Changed the output format.

17. By Matthieu Moy on 2006-07-07

Created .bzrignore

16. By Matthieu Moy on 2006-07-07

More tests

15. By Matthieu Moy on 2006-07-06

Allow post_commit_url user-option + minor improvements.

* User-option 'post_commit_url' is used instead of actual URL if it exists.

* Don't try to send the mail if the addresses have not been set

* Use revision.get_summary() instead of spliting the message.

14. By Matthieu Moy on 2006-07-06

Allow post_commit_url user-option.

13. By Matthieu Moy on 2006-07-06

branches.conf -> locations.conf in README.

12. By Robert Collins on 2006-06-30

Update Config usage in test suite to bzr.dev.

11. By Robert Collins on 2006-05-11

Update tests to use non deprecated API's.

10. By Robert Collins on 2006-01-25

Merge from storage branch.

9. By Robert Collins on 2005-11-28

Updates for branch nicks and working tree api changes.

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