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The post_commit hook is a good method to send the emails, but sometimes, one may want to send the mail manually (typically, send the last few patches after configuring the email adress, or decide to send the commit notification only after testing a commit for some time, ...).

This branch adds a "email-notification" command. It's similar to "log" but instead of displaying the log, it sends an email for each revision specified.

It's an operational draft. It does huge ugly cut-and paste from log.py.

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bzr email commit hook
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Recent revisions

19. By Matthieu Moy on 2006-07-24

dirty implementation of email-notify

18. By Matthieu Moy on 2006-07-08

Changed the output format.

17. By Matthieu Moy on 2006-07-07

Created .bzrignore

16. By Matthieu Moy on 2006-07-07

More tests

15. By Matthieu Moy on 2006-07-06

Allow post_commit_url user-option + minor improvements.

* User-option 'post_commit_url' is used instead of actual URL if it exists.

* Don't try to send the mail if the addresses have not been set

* Use revision.get_summary() instead of spliting the message.

14. By Matthieu Moy on 2006-07-06

Allow post_commit_url user-option.

13. By Matthieu Moy on 2006-07-06

branches.conf -> locations.conf in README.

12. By Robert Collins on 2006-06-30

Update Config usage in test suite to bzr.dev.

11. By Robert Collins on 2006-05-11

Update tests to use non deprecated API's.

10. By Robert Collins on 2006-01-25

Merge from storage branch.

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