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Recent revisions

18. By Dean Troyer

Add auth package

Includes AuthOpts struct and AuthRef interface, plus an Identity v2
password auth implementation.

Note: the examples work, the objectstore_test is broken, will be fixed
along with additional session and auth tests.

Change-Id: I77b07c92586c37e855b466e18dea133a4a938aaa

17. By Dean Troyer

Rename session package to openstack

Change-Id: I711c4190836b98d415d6cbe85d6f28e05537013f

16. By Dean Troyer

Add Session as base REST interface

This is the initial implementation of a Session object that handles
the REST calls similar to the new Session in python-keystoneclient.
It will be expanded to utilize a callback to an appropriate authentication
handler to re-authenticate as required.

This is intended to replace CallAPI in the util/util package.

Change-Id: I585968cc584327427da3429ef7005dd909c8b8b0

15. By Dean Troyer

Docs revision for current status

* Update README to add a note about the reorg in progress
* Rename misc to uitl
* Add openstack directory

Change-Id: I3f318116b1406fa862715236cc9001dea0f9231c

14. By Jeremy Stanley

Workflow documentation is now in infra-manual

Replace URLs for workflow documentation to appropriate parts of the
OpenStack Project Infrastructure Manual.

Change-Id: Ic002517ad2152ceece49365f02b66e36cd5e2253

13. By Chris Robinson

Added Capability to get images and images with details

 new file: examples/30-image-v1.go
 modified: examples/config.json.dist
 modified: examples/setup.go
 modified: identity/v2/auth.go
 new file: image/v1/image.go
 new file: image/v1/image_test.go
 new file: misc/rfc8601DateTime.go
 new file: misc/rfc8601DateTime_test.go
 modified: misc/util.go
 modified: misc/util_test.go
 modified: objectstorage/v1/objectstorage.go
 modified: objectstorage/v1/objectstorage_test.go
 new file: testUtil/testUtil.go

Partially implements blueprint image-v1

Change-Id: I6277a5c8915f45f4b7585855d836015ffd9e1c12

12. By mattfarina

Adding sublime project files to the gitignore.

Change-Id: Ib9c10ae5c8c5aa90b44a45526ff17290d31e5d9d

11. By Jenkins <email address hidden>

Merge "Move the service handling to be versioned."

10. By Matthew Williams

after errors in main we should return

Change-Id: Ibe1df859c2d03b1fd882a9dbf5fa468b85c1d089

9. By Jenkins <email address hidden>

Merge "Updated the test documentation to point to the examples rather than the removed integration tests."

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