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6ec06fe... by Bruce Miller <email address hidden> on 2020-10-28

Deal with ltx:XMHint's showing up in previously unexpected places

fa0b5d1... by Bruce Miller <email address hidden> on 2020-10-28

Make {} brace boxes generate ltx:XMHint's in math, so can use to adjust space around operators

18fdefa... by Deyan Ginev on 2020-10-27

fixes #1352 (#1353)

613b64d... by Deyan Ginev on 2020-10-27

adding lexeme attribute to ltx:Math, to legalize the serialization (#1354)

617e275... by Deyan Ginev on 2020-10-27

add \meaning handling for \font-defined primitives (#1358)

85d7624... by Deyan Ginev on 2020-10-26

Stop using appveyor for Windows CI (#1356)

* stop using appveyor for CI, 10 min limit is too little

* also drop appveyor badge

86c393d... by Deyan Ginev on 2020-10-26

Faitfhful handling of the_toks (#1335)

* upgrades to \meaning, \show-like macros, writableTokens

* add pdftex \expanded test

* a first proof-of-concept for THE_TOKS via flaging in the Gullet pushback

* move away from EExpanded and the like

* new multi_escaped_param sanity test

* introducing CC_ARG; back to parity with main test suite

* param collapsing on Expandable creation, all tests pass including first expl3 subtest

* X_THE check should be for underlying definition (cover \let macros)

* cleanup: drop unneeded message from test

* first operational the_marks prototype, ok upto line 9000 in expl3-code.tex

* missing index increment; upto line 11,351 in expl3-code

* reintroduce optimization for on-demand tokenization of string Expandable definitions

* some more missing registers from eTeX needed in expl3

* cleanup Parameters changes

* Consistent naming for tables indexed by catcodes: CATCODE_WHATEVER, upcase

* And extend some overlooked tables

* remove trivial_expansion from Expandable

* rename and clarify expl-adapted param tokens passing test

* clarifying comment

* fix broken patch of neutralize

* Alternative approach to marking deferred expansion (for \the): Use a new catcode

* Use $LaTeXML::KEEP_THE *only* in DefExpanded to make clear that that's the onlyu
context from which NOEXPAND1 can be *released* by gullet.
(readXToken expanding \the,\detokenize,\unexpanded are the only place
they are created).

Probably should do a cleanup pass on naming re: NOEXPAND1, (with|without|get)_dont_expand

* trim down use of CC_NOEXPAND1 to the hot paths of DefExpanded and DefPlain

* remove another unnecessary guard

* two paranoid Fatal errors in case we let a \the-mask slip through

* add comments, rely on PrepArgTokens for removing flags

* Use DefPlain instead of PrepArgTokens

* Move PrepArgTokens to Tokens->packParameters

* More consistent naming for variables/constants involving 'smuggling' \the expansions

* Make macrobody option for DefParameter do packParameter; more consistent(?) use of packParameter

* rename new parameter option to packParameters

Co-authored-by: Bruce Miller <email address hidden>

f3836de... by Deyan Ginev on 2020-10-01

use LaTeXML::Util::Test in maketests, better pathpi option name (#1345)

* use Util::Test in maketests, better pathpi option name

* generate .test.xml with a gen_xml flag

* use --verbosity again, as well as the more appropriate serialization

* ensure LaTeXML conversion sandbox in tools/maketests via fork

* rename flag to is_comparison

2501b51... by Bruce Miller <email address hidden> on 2020-09-28

Careful about merging fonts when doing substitutions

cf3932a... by Deyan Ginev on 2020-09-28

separate comments toggle from processing instruction toggle (#1343)