Code review comment for lp:~matsubara/tarmac/bundle-lander

Gary Poster (gary) wrote :

Hi Diogo. We talked about a couple of things that will probably be important for merging this into tarmac trunk, but since we are not doing that now, I'm not worrying about it yet. Thank you!

Here are the notes I have that might be pertinent when we consider merging this to tarmac trunk.

 - We are reusing some sort of tarmac pid configuration value that didn't seem to actually be used in tarmac. Therefore, we are not sure if what we are doing makes sense in the larger context.

 - We are only using the lock for certain commands, not help. Does that make sense, or should we make the lock pervasive, or pervasive for everything other than help? I don't know, and it's not necessary to figure out the answer yet, but it will be when a merge is possible.

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