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Mathias Gug

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2629. By Luke Kanies

I think I've now got the Webrick SSL support working.
Now I just need to get xmlrpc working alongside REST in
both mongrel and webrick.

2628. By Luke Kanies

Interim commit, since I want to work but have no network available.

2627. By Luke Kanies

Merge branch '0.24.x'



2626. By Luke Kanies

Changing the File certificate terminus so that it
saves to the :localcacert instead of :cacert.

This way the :ca terminus saves to :cacert and the :file
terminus saves to :localcacert.

2625. By Luke Kanies

Renaming the 'ca_file' ssl terminus type to 'ca'.

2624. By Luke Kanies

Temporarily disabling the revoke/verify test in the CA.

It looks like it's not taking the CRL into account, so
I can't seem to actually get a cert to fail verification.

2623. By Luke Kanies

Fixing how the CRL is used for certificate verification.

The CRL was not correctly being added to the Store used
for verification.

It does not appear to be working, though, since revoked
certificates still pass verification.

2622. By Luke Kanies

Fixing puppetca so it uses the :local ca setting.

This causes it to use both the :ca_file and :file terminus

2621. By Luke Kanies

Added an Interface class to the CA to model puppetca's usage.

This class provides all of the semantics from puppetca,
and appears to entirely duplicate the behaviour of the existing
executable, with basically all of the code in a library
file, instead of the executable.

As such, I've deleted the test for the executable. We should have
one, but it's not nearly as important.

2620. By Luke Kanies

Making the SSL::Host's destroy method a class method,
rather than an instance method.

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