Last commit made on 2014-01-01
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6fca38a... by raveit65

battstat: use g_signal notify for upower-1.0

98dfd94... by raveit65

upower: fix upower version

631065f... by Stefano Karapetsas

Bump version to 1.6.2

4ad6c16... by Stefano Karapetsas

Merge pull request #69 from flexiondotorg/1.6

Cherry picks for `mate-applets` 1.6

40180c1... by Stefano Karapetsas

Merge pull request #71 from infirit/1.6

Cherrypick usefull commits from master

0509af6... by infirit

Fix summary for invest applet

8d48cee... by infirit

Require pygobject 3 now that it was ported to gi

Commit 540e2e460c8155a22b10c1712eec71c9bf25aea9 ported to
gobject introspection but this never reflected in configure.ac.

4d1a888... by raveit65

battstat applet: ready for upower-1.0

7ba6077... by Stefano Karapetsas

Fix Sun GNOME Documentation Team references

28b6083... by dxav <email address hidden>

Upate yahoo finance http adress