Last commit made on 2016-08-16
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4a7620a... by Vlad Orlov

release 1.14.1

5e33d6f... by leigh123linux

fix build with kernel-4.7

8317f3d... by Vlad Orlov

cpufreq: fix build warning when polkit is disabled

ccaafea... by Vlad Orlov

build: make --enable-suid option really work

58776a9... by Vlad Orlov

build: make --enable-frequency-selector option actually work

edf277a... by Vlad Orlov

configure.ac: fix help text for --enable-suid and fix some indent

9c4a86e... by Vlad Orlov

accessx-status: fix possible crash when updating layout

34c2178... by raveit65

distcheck: explicitly use currently selected GTK+ version

df52a7b... by Vlad Orlov

po: drop languages not present on Transifex

96938bf... by Vlad Orlov

po: actually add a new language from Transifex