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Extending documentation for the "Modifying .string" section for the case of using a string with HTML content. Describes two ways: escaping the content and parsing the content.

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523. By martin massera on 2019-08-22

Adding documentation for parsing HTML content in the "Modifying .string" section

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1873 # <a href="">New link text.</a>1873 # <a href="">New link text.</a>
1875Be careful: if the tag contained other tags, they and all their1875Be careful: if the tag contained other tags, they and all their
1876contents will be destroyed.1876contents will be destroyed. If the new string contains HTML content,
1877it will be escaped and added as the tag's text::
1879 html_string = "A <strong>BOLD</strong> statement"
1881 tag.string = html_string
1882 tag
1883 # <a href="">A &lt;strong&gt;BOLD&lt;/strong&gt; statement</a>
1885You can parse the HTML string by creting a
1886``BeautifulSoap`` object and appending it as tags::
1888 tag.clear()
1889 tag.append(BeautifulSoup(html_string, 'html.parser'))
1890 tag
1891 # <a href="">A <strong>BOLD</strong> statement</a>


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