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Extending documentation for the "Modifying .string" section for the case of using a string with HTML content. Describes two ways: escaping the content and parsing the content.

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Adding documentation for parsing HTML content in the "Modifying .string" section

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4@@ -1873,7 +1873,22 @@
5 # <a href="">New link text.</a>
7 Be careful: if the tag contained other tags, they and all their
8-contents will be destroyed.
9+contents will be destroyed. If the new string contains HTML content,
10+it will be escaped and added as the tag's text::
12+ html_string = "A <strong>BOLD</strong> statement"
14+ tag.string = html_string
15+ tag
16+ # <a href="">A &lt;strong&gt;BOLD&lt;/strong&gt; statement</a>
18+You can parse the HTML string by creting a
19+``BeautifulSoap`` object and appending it as tags::
21+ tag.clear()
22+ tag.append(BeautifulSoup(html_string, 'html.parser'))
23+ tag
24+ # <a href="">A <strong>BOLD</strong> statement</a>
26 ``append()``
27 ------------


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