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2717. By Kristian Nielsen on 2009-08-03

Merge XtraDB 6 with latest MariaDB 5.1

2716. By Kristian Nielsen on 2009-07-07

Solaris 10 build script fixes by Toby Thain.

Added build scripts for 32 bit x86 architecture on Solaris.
Renamed some scripts for consistency.
Changed to dynamic linking of libgcc.

2715. By Michael Widenius on 2009-07-02

Added MY_CS_NONASCII marker for character sets that are not compatible with latin1 for characters 0x00-0x7f
This allows us to skip and speed up some very common character converts that MySQL is doing when sending data to the client
and this gives us a nice speed increase for most queries that uses only characters in the range 0x00-0x7f.

This code is based on Alexander Barkov's code that he has done in MySQL 6.0

2714. By Michael Widenius on 2009-06-30

Changed default thread stack to 288K to get better memory missalignment between stacks of different threads (should speed up things) and to get a bit extra safety.
In maria_open(), don't allocate big arrays on stack as this may lead to stack overflow.
This fixes a valgrind warning detected by buildbot

2713. By Michael Widenius on 2009-06-29

Added some changes inspired by Zardosht Kasheff:
- Added a handler call (prepare_index_scan()) to inform storage engines that an index scan is about to take place.
- Extended the maximun key parts for an index from 16 to 32
- Extended MyISAM and Maria engines to support up to 32 parts

Added checks for return value from ha_index_init()

2712. By Oleksandr "Sanja" Byelkin on 2009-06-24

Fix of BUG#45632 (http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=45632) - sharing non default debug settings between sessions. This bugfix proposed by Monty.

2711. By Michael Widenius on 2009-06-07

Added tests to cover more server code
Author: Stewart Smith

2710. By Michael Widenius on 2009-06-05

Fixed valgrind warnings on 64 bit x86 SuSE 11.1

2709. By Michael Widenius on 2009-06-05

Add include files required for --staging-run

2708. By Michael Widenius on 2009-06-05

Added option --staging-run to mysql-test-run to mark slow, not important tests, to not be run in staging trees
Use MY_MUTEX_INIT_FAST for pool mutex

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