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3968. By Michael Widenius

Replication changes for CREATE OR REPLACE TABLE
- CREATE TABLE is by default handled by slave as CREATE OR REPLACE
- DROP TABLE is by default handled by slave as DROP TABLE IF NOT EXISTS

- Ensure that a CREATE OR REPLACE TABLE which dropped a table is replicated
- DROP TABLE that generated an error on master is handled as DROP TABLE without IF NOT EXISTS on slave.
- Added slave_ddl_exec_mode_options to decide how DDL's are replicated

New logic for handling BEGIN GTID ... COMMIT from the binary log:

- When we find a BEGIN GTID, we start a transaction and set OPTION_GTID_BEGIN
- When we find COMMIT, we reset OPTION_GTID_BEGIN and execute the normal COMMIT code.
- While OPTION_GTID_BEGIN is set:
  - We don't generate implict commits before or after statements
  - All tables are regarded as transactional tables in the binary log (to ensure things are executed exactly as on the master)
- We reset OPTION_GTID_BEGIN also on rollback

This will help ensuring that we don't get any sporadic commits (and thus new GTID's) on the slave and will help keep the GTID's between master and slave in sync.

3967. By Michael Widenius

- MDEV-5587 Server crashes in Locked_tables_list::restore_lock on CREATE OR REPLACE .. SELECT under LOCK
- MDEV-5586 Assertion `share->tdc.all_tables.is_empty() || remove_type != TDC_RT_REMOVE_ALL' fails in tdc_remove_table
- MDEV-5588 Strange error on CREATE OR REPLACE table over an existing view

3966. By Michael Widenius

Fixed compiler warnings
Made stopping of slave more robust
Fixed tokudb test cases that gave different results between runs
Speed up some slow tokudb tests by adding begin ... commit

3965. By Michael Widenius

Implementation of MDEV-5491: CREATE OR REPLACE TABLE

Using CREATE OR REPLACE TABLE is be identical to


Except that:

* CREATE OR REPLACE is be atomic (now one can create the same table between drop and create).
* Temporary tables will not shadow the table name for the DROP as the CREATE TABLE tells us already if we are using a temporary table or not.
* If the table was locked with LOCK TABLES, the new table will be locked with the same lock after it's created.

Implementation details:
- We don't anymore open the to-be-created table during CREATE TABLE, which the original code did.
  - There is no need to open a table we are planning to create. It's enough to check if the table exists or not.
- Removed some of duplicated code for CREATE IF NOT EXISTS.
- Give an error when using CREATE OR REPLACE with IF NOT EXISTS (conflicting options).
- As a side effect of the code changes, we don't anymore have to internally re-prepare prepared statements with CREATE TABLE if the table exists.
- Made one code path for all testing if log table are in use.
- Better error message if one tries to create/drop/alter a log table in use
- Added back disabled rpl_row_create_table test as it now seams to work and includes a lot of interesting tests.
- Added HA_LEX_CREATE_REPLACE to mark if we are using CREATE OR REPLACE
- Aligned CREATE OR REPLACE parsing code in sql_yacc.yy for TABLE and VIEW
- Changed interface for drop_temporary_table() to make it more reusable
- Changed Locked_tables_list::init_locked_tables() to work on the table object instead of the table list object. Before this it used a mix of both, which was not good.
- Locked_tables_list::unlock_locked_tables(THD *thd) now requires a valid thd argument. Old usage of calling this with 0 i changed to instead call Locked_tables_list::reset()
- Added functions Locked_tables_list:restore_lock() and Locked_tables_list::add_back_last_deleted_lock() to be able to easily add back a locked table to the lock list.
- Added restart_trans_for_tables() to be able to restart a transaction.
- DROP_ACL is required if one uses CREATE TABLE OR REPLACE.
- Added drop of normal and temporary tables in create_table_imp() if CREATE OR REPLACE was used.
- Added reacquiring of table locks in mysql_create_table() and mysql_create_like_table()

3964. By Michael Widenius

- Updated help for mysql-test-run
- Added OQGraph to all cmake error output regarding OQGraph to make it easier to spot problems
- Suppressed warning messages from OQGraph
- Added test for version_malloc_library variable

3963. By Michael Widenius

Fixes to get valgrind to work with jemalloc
- Added MALLOC_LIBRARY variable to hold name of malloc library
- Back ported valgrind related fixes from jemalloc 3.4.1 to the included jemalloc 3.3.1
- Renamed bitmap_init() and bitmap_free() to my_bitmap_init() and my_bitmap_free() to avoid clash with jemalloc 3.4.1
- Use option --soname-synonyms=somalloc=NON to valgrind when using jemalloc
- Show version related variables in mysqld --help
  -- Added SHOW_VALUE_IN_HELP marker

Increased back_log to 150 as the original value was a bit too small

3962. By Michael Widenius

Increased back_log to 150, but not more than max_connections.
- This was done to get better performance when doing a lot of connections.
Ensure that thread_cache_size is not larger than max_connections (trivial optimizations).
Fixed that the --host_cache_size=# startup option works

3961. By Sergei Golubchik

update information_schema-big.result

3960. By Sergei Golubchik


3959. By Sergei Golubchik

merge 10.0-connect

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