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d2afcc0... by Sergey Vojtovich on 2017-10-31

PROC_FDINFO plugin for workshop

6c84719... by Sergey Vojtovich on 2017-10-31

PROC_INFO plugin for workshop

5d3ed9a... by Alexander Barkov on 2017-10-31

(Part#2) MDEV-13049 Querying INFORMATION_SCHEMA becomes slow in MariaDB 10.1

This is a 10.3 specific part of MDEV-13049.
It disables automatic sorting for
and adjusts the affected tests accordingly.

835cbbc... by Alexander Barkov on 2017-10-30

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bb-10.2-ext' into 10.3

TODO: enable MDEV-13049 optimization for 10.3

003cb2f... by Alexander Barkov on 2017-10-30

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/10.2' into bb-10.2-ext

fe8cf8f... by Alexey Botchkov on 2017-10-30

Embedded tests fixed.

58e0dcb... by Marko Mäkelä on 2017-10-30

Add a missing space to an error message

84ed288... by Alexander Barkov on 2017-10-04

MDEV-13997 Change Item_bool_rowready_func2 to cache const items at fix time rather than evaluation time

Side effect: the second debug Note in cache_temporal_4265.result disappeared.

Before this change:
- During JOIN::cache_const_exprs(),
  Item::get_cache() for Item_date_add_interval() was called.
  The data type for date_add('2001-01-01',interval 5 day) is VARCHAR,
  because the first argument is VARCHAR (not temporal).
  Item_get_cache() created Item_cache_str('2001-01-06').
- During evaluate_join_record(), get_datetime_value() was called,
  which called Item::get_date() for Item_cache_str('2001-01-06').
  This gave the second Note. Then, get_datetime_value() created
  a new cache, now Item_cache_temporal for '2001-01-06', so not
  further str_to_datetime() happened.

After this change:
- During tem_bool_rowready_func2::fix_length_and_dec(),
  Arg_comparator::set_cmp_func_datetime() is called,
  which immediately creates an instance of Item_cache_date for
  the result of date_add('2001-01-01',interval 5 day).
  So later no str_to_datetime happens any more,
  neither during JOIN::cache_const_exprs(),
  nor during evaluate_join_record().

667e4b9... by Alexander Barkov on 2017-10-30

MDEV-14212 Add Field_row for SP ROW variables

f88fcf2... by Alexey Botchkov on 2017-10-30

MDEV-12542 Add bind_address system variable.

        bind_address variable added.