Last commit made on 2022-06-16
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75e98cb... by Vicențiu Ciorbaru

INFORMATION_SCHEMA.views denies with show view and select

This commit fixes show view and select privilege denies.

Other cleanup work:
- TODO(cvicentiu) describe this when rebasing.
- get_table_grant -> Take in table strings, not a TABLE_LIST
- get_column_grant -> Take in sctx.
- check_some_grants_remain -> take in role denies.
- check_column_access_denied -> Utility function for show view.

33b8ac0... by Vicențiu Ciorbaru

fix compilation for embedded

18ccfbd... by Vicențiu Ciorbaru

WIP - Show grants + roles

20f9d7f... by Vicențiu Ciorbaru

Fix show_generic VERSION

bee9b0c... by Vicențiu Ciorbaru

Fix sp_denies.test VERISON

bbc5805... by Vicențiu Ciorbaru

Column-level-denies DONE

66b6fee... by Vicențiu Ciorbaru

cleanup: update_hash variable names

c09d857... by Vicențiu Ciorbaru

Add test case for stored procedure denies

58f547c... by Vicențiu Ciorbaru

Fixup routine grants impacting check_grant_db

13cdf2d... by Vicențiu Ciorbaru

cleanup: TODO removals