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6162e75... by Alexey Botchkov on 2019-05-24

Custom build.

4d89931... by Alexey Botchkov on 2019-05-24

ping the bb.

e0271a7... by Marko Mäkelä on 2019-05-08

MDEV-19408 Assertion on trx->state failed in ReadView::copy_trx_ids

ReadView::copy_trx_ids(): Relax a debug check. It failed to account for
TRX_STATE_PREPARED_RECOVERED, which was introduced in MDEV-15772.
It was also reading trx->state twice and failed to tolerate
TRX_STATE_COMMITTED_IN_MEMORY, which could be concurrently assigned
in lock_trx_release_locks(), which is not holding trx_sys->mutex.

This bug is specific to the MariaDB 10.2 series. The ReadView was
introduced in MariaDB 10.2.2 by merging the code that had been
introduced in MySQL 5.7.2. In MariaDB 10.3, ReadView::snapshot()
would use the lock-free trx_sys.rw_trx_hash. MDEV-14638 moved the
corresponding assertion to trx_sys_t::find(), where it was duly
protected by trx->mutex, and later MDEV-14756 moved the check to
rw_trx_hash_t::validate_element(). This check was correctly adjusted
when MDEV-15772 was merged to 10.3.

49ef1c7... by Elena Stepanova on 2019-05-07

Updated list of unstable tests for 10.2.24

1214674... by qingda2019 <email address hidden> on 2019-05-05

MDEV-13942 InnoDB SPATIAL INDEX corruption during root page split

The problem is in rtr_adjust_upper_level(), which allocates node_ptr
from heap, and then passes the same heap to btr_cur_pessimistic_insert().
The documentation of btr_cur_pessimistic_insert() says that the heap can
be emptied. If the heap is emptied and something else is allocated from
the heap, the node_ptr can become corrupted.

a5cfa41... by Oleksandr Byelkin <email address hidden> on 2019-05-06

Let us close library and only then free defaults.

5496df8... by Oleksandr Byelkin <email address hidden> on 2019-05-06

changes in innodb has influence on this test in rocksdb test suite

633946f... by Oleksandr Byelkin <email address hidden> on 2019-05-06

Merge branch '10.1' into 10.2

0573744... by Marko Mäkelä on 2019-05-06

Revert "MDEV-19399 do not call slow my_timer_init() several times"

This reverts commit 8dc670a5e8d322d8e1871b8c2ae8695a8779f739.

The symbol sys_timer_info was not being exported correctly,
which caused linking failures on some platforms.

147c123... by Sergei Golubchik on 2019-05-06

MDEV-17640 UMASK_DIR configuration for mysql_install_db is not applied to mysql database

regression after 3db6de33b2b

in RPMs continue creating the $datadir outside of mysql_install_db.
RPMs put the socket in there, so it cannot be chmod 0700.