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d9e852d... by Eugene on 2019-05-27

MDEV-19531 Add colors to mtr

Colors possibility auto detected. [ such ] stuff is colored.

Patch by Sergei Golubchik

167da05... by Igor Babaev on 2019-06-17

MDEV-19790 Wrong result for query with outer join and IS NOT TRUE predicate
           in where clause

The classes Item_func_isnottrue and Item_func_isnotfalse inherited the
implementation of the eval_not_null_tables method from the Item_func
class. As a result the not_null_tables_cache was set incorrectly for
the objects of these classes. It led to improper conversion of outer
joins to inner joins when the where clause of the processed query
contained IS NOT TRUE or IS NOT FALSE predicates. The coverted query
in many cases produced a wrong result set.

039b878... by Eugene on 2019-06-12

MDEV-13631 Make use of clang-format

Explicitly mention every options in .clang-format to protect us from possible
future changes.

Remove separate InnoDB style.

Change style to look more like this script:
for x in $@
 indent -kr -bl -bli0 -l79 -i2 -nut -c48 -dj -cp0 $x
 sed -ri -e 's/ = /= /g'\
         -e '/switch.*\)$/{N;s/\n[ ]+/ /}' $x

Significant different is that 'switch' and '{' are put on different lines
because it's impossible in clang-format to set formatting rules just for
'switch' statement.

7a7d990... by Marko Mäkelä on 2019-06-11

MDEV-18479: Avoid COST_MULT(records, 1)

96ee9ea... by Igor Babaev on 2019-06-11

MDEV-18479 Another complement

This patch complements the patch that fixes bug MDEV-18479.
This patch takes care of possible overflow in JOIN::get_examined_rows().

6db2ebb... by Igor Babaev on 2019-06-09

MDEV-19580 Unrelated JOINs corrupt usage of 'WHERE function() IN (subquery)'

Handling of top level conjuncts in WHERE whose used_tables() contained
RAND_TABLE_BIT in the function make_join_select() was incorrect.
As a result if such a conjunct referred to fields non of which belonged
to the last joined table it was pushed twice. (This could be seen
for a test case from subselect.test whose output was changed after this
patch had been applied. In 10.1 when running EXPLAIN FORMAT=JSON for
the query from this test case we clearly see that one of the conjuncts
is pushed twice.) This fact by itself was not good. Besides, if such a
conjunct was pushed to a table that was the result of materialization
of a semi-join the query could return a wrong result set. In particular
we could watch it for queries with semi-join subqueries whose left parts
used stored functions without "deterministic' specifier.

6660c07... by Sergei Golubchik on 2019-05-22

MDEV-19491 update query stopped working after mariadb upgrade 10.2.23 -> 10.2.24

as well as

MDEV-19500 Update with join stopped worked if there is a call to a procedure in a trigger
MDEV-19521 Update Table Fails with Trigger and Stored Function
MDEV-19497 Replication stops because table not found
MDEV-19527 UPDATE + JOIN + TRIGGERS = table doesn't exists error

Reimplement the fix for (5d510fdbf00)

MDEV-18507 can't update temporary table when joined with table with triggers on read-only

instead of calling open_tables() twice, put multi-update
prepare code inside open_tables() loop.

Add a test for a MDL backoff-and-retry loop inside open_tables()
across multi-update prepare code.

1d4ac3d... by Sergei Golubchik on 2019-05-22


5de08a5... by Eugene on 2019-04-11

MDEV-13631 Make use of clang-format

Add .clang-format files to a root directory and to storage/innobase

cbb90f7... by Igor Babaev on 2019-05-29

MDEV-18479 Complement

This patch complements the patch that fixes bug MDEV-18479.
This patch takes care of possible overflow when calculating the
estimated number of rows in a materialized derived table / view.