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b8f6d31... by Addison G <email address hidden>

MDEV-29222 - Fix mysqld_safe script

The mysqld_safe script was using bad grep options.

The line that was fixed was likely meant to be 2 separate grep commands,
piped into each other, with each one removing any lines that matched.

The `-E` option was unneeded, as the command is not using regex.

c442e1a... by Oleksandr "Sanja" Byelkin

Merge branch '10.5' into 10.6

1ac0bce... by Oleksandr "Sanja" Byelkin

Merge branch '10.4' into 10.5

65e8506... by Oleksandr "Sanja" Byelkin

Merge branch '10.3' into bb-10.4-release

faddcf3... by Nayuta Yanagisawa

Do not check symbol returned (or not and so there is some garbadge) by mb_wc() if mb_wc() failed

1227428... by Sergei Golubchik

my_safe_process: try to kill the process softly first

first SIGTERM and if the process didn't die in 10 seconds, SIGKILL it.

This allows various tools like `rr`, `gcov`, `gprof`, etc to flush
their data to disk properly

9ecdf86... by Sergei Golubchik

missing '

82c07fc... by Sergei Golubchik

MDEV-23149 Server crashes in my_convert / ErrConvString::ptr / Item_char_typecast::check_truncation_with_warn

47d0df6... by Sergei Golubchik

take into account C/C specific CR_ERR_NET_WRITE error

9d4ed44... by Sergei Golubchik

remove invalid options from warning messages

--log-slow-queries was removed in 10.0. Now opt_slow_logname
can be set either with --slow-query-log-file or with --log-basename

--log was removed in 10.0. Now opt_logname
can be set either with --general-log-file or with --log-basename