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c776ed4... by Sachin Setiya on 2019-07-29

MDEV-19848 Server crashes in check_vcol_forward_refs upon INSERT DELAYED into table with long blob key

There are 2 issues

  1st:- in make_new_field when we & into new field flag we forget

  2nd:- We are calling parse_vcol_defs on keyinfo , but they are not in right
  form. We should call setup_keyinfo_hash_all before calling parse_vcol_defs

4ca0162... by Sachin Setiya on 2019-07-29

MDEV-20001 Potential dangerous regression: INSERT INTO >=100 rows fail for myisam table with HASH indexes

Dont deactivate the long unique keys on bulk insert.

4a5cd40... by Sachin Setiya on 2019-07-17

MDEV-7409 On RBR, extend the PROCESSLIST info to include at least the name of the recently used table

When RBR is used, add the db name to db Field and table name to Status
Field of the "SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST" command for SQL thread.

c0743e4... by Eugene on 2019-07-26

Merge 10.3 into 10.4

00a254c... by midenok on 2019-07-26

MDEV-20186 Wrong result or Assertion on INSERT after DELETE HISTORY

Fix reinitialize vers_write on table reopen.

4c7a743... by Eugene on 2019-07-26

Merge 10.3 into 10.4

29df100... by Eugene on 2019-07-26

MDEV-20184 data race at global counter btr_cur_n_non_sea

Make all accesses to btr_cur_n_non_sea atomic.

de9e393... by Oleksandr Byelkin <email address hidden> on 2019-07-26

MDEV-20108: [ERROR] mysqld got signal 11 in st_select_lex::add_table_to_list

Use the same select as for usual table list (forgotten oracle mode parser fixed)

7db9993... by Eugene on 2019-07-26

MDEV-20183 data race at safe_mutex_lock()

fix is simple: just move mp->file under mp->global protection

51d58f5... by Alexey Botchkov on 2019-07-26

MDEV-18350 Using audit plugin with MySQL, mysqld crashes when running COM_INIT_DB against invalid database.

mysql_event_general structure changed in 10.3.
the database_length should be size_t now instead of the int.