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68c73e7... by Sergei Golubchik on 2019-07-04

force-enable debug output in the pam plugin

9d6b601... by Kentoku SHIBA on 2019-07-06

MDEV-19866 With a Spider table, a SELECT with WHERE involving primary key breaks following SELECTs (#1356)

Change checking scanning partitions from part_spec to part_info->read_partitions

fa7051c... by Kentoku SHIBA on 2019-07-06

MDEV-19842 Crash while creating statistics for Spider table (#1355)

Added checks of the number of columns of the system tables.
Move install_spider.sql into source code except installing Spider

4a739d7... by Kentoku SHIBA on 2019-07-06

MDEV-16248 Row based replication to spider with float column fails on delete/update (#1354)

fb3998c... by Eugene on 2019-07-05

fix build

c6dff51... by Sergei Golubchik on 2019-07-05

Workaround for

Put all capabilities in one CapabilityBoundingSet line,
otherwise buggy systemd sets CapabilityBoundingSet=0

c9aa495... by Eugene on 2019-07-04

MDEV-19955 make argument of handler::ha_write_row() const

MDEV-19486 and one more similar bug appeared because handler::write_row() interface
welcomes to modify buffer by storage engine. But callers are not ready for that
thus bugs are possible in future.

handler::ha_write_row(): make argument const

23c12ed... by Eugene on 2019-07-04

MDEV-19951 use override keyword across the InnoDB

Use on every virtual function override.

ha_innobase: mark a final

ha_innobase::bas_ext(): remove as unused

ha_innobase::get_cascade_foreign_key_table_list: remove as unused

ha_innobase::end_stmt(): merge into ha_innobase::reset()

e8392e5... by Robert Bindar on 2019-07-01

MDEV-19696 - Cleanup gcc sync builtins

Since 10.4 requires C++11 capable compiler, gcc sync builtins became
dead code. Remove relevant cmake checks and cleanup include files.

3acf741... by Sergei Golubchik on 2019-07-02

fix to not garble $_