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688ae9a... by Kentoku SHIBA on 2019-04-06

MDEV-18987 bug in "load data local infile xxx replace into "
It's just added regression tests.

eb872ce... by Teemu Ollakka <email address hidden> on 2019-04-06

Fixed wsrep replaying for stored procedures (#1256)

- Changed replaying to always allocate a separate THD object
  for applying log events. This is to avoid tampering original
  THD state during replay process.
- Return success from sp_instr_stmt::exec_core() if replaying
- Do not push warnings/errors into diagnostics area if the
  transaction must be replayed. This is to avoid reporting
  transient errors to the client.

Added two tests galera_sp_bf_abort, galera_sp_insert_parallel.
Wsrep-lib position updated.

fe62ff6... by Jan Lindström on 2019-04-06

MDEV-18265: Replace deprecated variable debug to debug_dbug on Galera tests

 deleted: mysql-test/suite/galera/r/MW-86.result
 deleted: mysql-test/suite/galera/r/mysql-wsrep#216.result
 modified: mysql-test/suite/galera/t/GCF-1081.test
 modified: mysql-test/suite/galera_3nodes_sr/r/GCF-832.result
 modified: mysql-test/suite/galera_3nodes_sr/t/GCF-810A.test
 modified: mysql-test/suite/galera_3nodes_sr/t/GCF-810B.test
 modified: mysql-test/suite/galera_3nodes_sr/t/GCF-810C.test
 modified: mysql-test/suite/galera_3nodes_sr/t/GCF-832.test
 modified: mysql-test/suite/galera_sr/r/mysql-wsrep-features#35.result
 modified: mysql-test/suite/galera_sr/t/mysql-wsrep-features#35.test

8a194d9... by Sergei Golubchik on 2019-04-06

update test results

371d6ac... by Alexander Barkov on 2019-04-06

MDEV-19197 Move ASSERT_COLUMN_MARKED_FOR_XXX as methods to Field

18bf0bf... by Igor Babaev on 2019-04-06

MDEV-18956 Assertion `sel->quick' failed in JOIN::make_range_rowid_filters

If SUBS_IN_TO_EXISTS strategy has been chosen for a subquery then
additional conditions are injected into WHERE/ON/HAVING of this subquery
and it may happen that test_quick_select() invoked from
JOIN::make_range_rowid_filters() discovers impossible range. This
must be checked.

a2e477f... by Galina Shalygina <email address hidden> on 2019-04-05

MDEV-19186: Assertion `field->table == table' failed in create_tmp_table

Temporary table is defined with the view field in HAVING.
Item_direct_view_ref for this field is dropped and that causes error.

To fix it Item_direct_view_ref::remove_item_direct_ref() is added.

694d1a5... by Galina Shalygina <email address hidden> on 2019-04-05

MDEV-19185: Pushdown constant function defined with subquery

The bug occurs because of the wrong pushdown of constant function
defined with subquery from HAVING into WHERE. Subqueries can't be
pushed into WHERE.

To fix it with_subquery() call is added to check if the function contains

c84dde1... by Alexander Barkov on 2019-04-05

MDEV-19184 Crash in IS_IPV6(_ucs2 0x0031)

02d9b04... by Marko Mäkelä on 2019-04-05

Merge 10.3 into 10.4