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de0a6b9... by Julius Goryavsky <email address hidden> on 2019-07-16

MDEV-18565: Galera mtr-suite fails if galera library is not installed

Currently, running mtr with an incorrect (for example, new or
obsolete) version of wsrep_provider (for example, with the 26
version of leads to the failure of tests in
several suites with vague error diagnostics.

As for the galera_3nodes suite, the mtr also does not effectively
check all the prerequisites after merge with MDEV-18426 fixes.
For example, tests that using mariabackup do not check for presence
of ss and socat/nc. This is due to improper handling of relative
paths in mtr scripts.

In addition, some tests in different suites can be run without
setting the environment variables such as MTR_GALERA_TFMT, XBSTREAM,
and so on.

To eliminate all these issues, this patch makes the following changes:

1. Added auxiliary wsrep_mtr_check utility (which located in the
mysql-test/lib/My/SafeProcess subdirectory), which compares the
versions of the wsrep API that used by the server and by the wsrep
provider library, and it does this comparison safely, without
accessing the API if the versions do not match.

2. All checks related to the presence of mariabackup and utilities
that necessary for its operation transferred from the local directories
of different mtr suites (from the files) to the main
file. This not only reduces the amount of code and eliminates duplication
of identical code fragments, but also avoids problems due to the inability
of mtr to consider relative paths to include files when checking skip

3. Setting the values of auxiliary environment variables that
are necessary for Galera, SST scripts and mariabackup (to work
properly) is moved to the main script, so as
not to duplicate this code in different suites, and to avoid
partial corrections of the same errors for different suites
(while other suites remain uncorrected).

4. Fixed duplication of the and files between different suites,
these checks are also transferred to the top level.

5. Added garbd presence check and garbd path variable.

61cc932... by Teemu Ollakka <email address hidden> on 2019-07-15

Wsrep crash caused by COM_CHANGE_USER, COM_RESET_CONNECTION (#1358)

THD::cleanup() to be called in the middle of command handling.
This causes wsrep client_state sanity checks to fail.

As a fix, temporarily close wsrep client_state before THD::change_user()
is called when handling COM_CHANGE_USER and COM_RESET_CONNECTION,
and restore the state after THD::change_user() returns.

This commit also updates wsrep-lib to version which removes
exception usage in wsrep client_state sanity checks.

a0230bc... by Eugene on 2019-07-10

MDEV-18266 Changing an index comment unnecessarily rebuilds index

ALTER_CHANGE_INDEX_COMMENT: new handler flag added

Compare_keys::EqualButComment: new outcome of compare_keys_but_name()

70c2bde... by Alexander Barkov on 2019-07-09

MDEV-19996 Bison grammar: turn singe-character operators into <kwd>

6974962... by midenok on 2019-06-25

MDEV-16222 Assertion `0' failed in row_purge_remove_sec_if_poss_leaf on table with virtual columns and indexes

Stale thd->m_stmt_da->m_sql_errno which is from different invocation.

Reset error state before attempt to open table.

af5b0db... by midenok on 2019-05-27

MDEV-19175 Server crashes in ha_partition::vers_can_native upon INSERT DELAYED into versioned partitioned table

Uninitialized LEX::part_info on ha_partition::vers_can_native().

c7f8189... by midenok on 2019-06-25

Tests: versioning suite fix when no test_versioning plugin

1bb57e5... by midenok on 2019-06-17

MDEV-19785 Storage CONNECT compilation error: unknown type name 'UNZFAM'

Another fail fix:

undefined reference to `ZipLoadFile`

9d6b601... by Kentoku SHIBA on 2019-07-06

MDEV-19866 With a Spider table, a SELECT with WHERE involving primary key breaks following SELECTs (#1356)

Change checking scanning partitions from part_spec to part_info->read_partitions

fa7051c... by Kentoku SHIBA on 2019-07-06

MDEV-19842 Crash while creating statistics for Spider table (#1355)

Added checks of the number of columns of the system tables.
Move install_spider.sql into source code except installing Spider