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181fcca... by Sachin Setiya on 2019-06-19

MDEV-19049 Server crashes in check_duplicate_long_entry_key, ASAN stack-buffer-overflow in Field_blob::get_key_image

Long Unique keys should always be last unique key.

efbfcc8... by Daniel Bartholomew <email address hidden> on 2019-06-18

bump the VERSION

3db4d01... by Sergei Golubchik on 2019-06-18

Merge branch 'bb-10.4-release' into 10.4

48570eb... by mkaruza <email address hidden> on 2019-06-18

MDEV-18832 Galera: 10.4 node crashed with Assertion `state() == s_committing' if you create SEQUENCE, use it, then drop and recreate and use again (#1339)

We could still end committing to binlog even in rollback.
Do not proceed with WSREP commit in this case.

b8e655c... by Sergei Golubchik on 2019-06-17

bugfix: crash on the empty db name

followup for 0a43df4fbc7

e85e481... by Sergei Golubchik on 2019-06-17

10.4.6 is stable, not gamma

306e439... by Sergei Golubchik on 2019-06-15

MDEV-17592 Create MariaDB named commands/symlinks

post-merge fixes:
* .gitignore
* don't put the keyword COMPONENT into ${COMP} anymore
* don't alias mytop, but do alias mysql_client_test
* don't symlink manpages, use troff aliasing technique instead
  (symlinked manpages break rpm and out-of-source bintar builds)
* move debian to use troff aliased manpages, fix typos in debian files,
  put aliases in the correct packages, add more aliases to match
  rpm/bintar packaging

24503d5... by Rasmus Johansson on 2019-05-18

MDEV-17592 Create MariaDB named commands/symlinks

f02bc3c... by Sergei Golubchik on 2019-06-16

change pam and disks plugin maturity beta->gamma

da619f0... by Sergei Golubchik on 2019-06-16

compilation fix for fulltest-big